Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's been awhile!

Welp, A lot has happened since I posted last! Can't say you were not warned, as I predicted life has been turned upside down! I might go for a list and lots of pictures update here.

We welcomed my first nephew, and my parent's first grandson to the world July 1, 2011!!
He was perfect, and came out screaming with a nice set of lungs! Weighing in on the small side at 9 lbs and 11 ounces. He has been the sweetest addition to our family and we love having his sweet spirit around! 

Day 2: My personal fave! This one makes me laugh!

What a sweet heart, he's cooing and smiling all the time now!
My Dad has recently nicknamed him Charlie Brown.

2 months now!

Beginning with some DIY projects: DIY engagement pictures! Yep, I said it, we did our own. Anyone can do it if you have a friend or family member who is willing to let you use their nice camera! It was crazy when I started looking at prices for engagement sessions, some for $300 an hour! And nothing guarantees that they will be good, so if you can "boss" around a family member or friend to try and get in touch with your creative eye then do it! :) There's always photoshop! Here's a small sampling.

I love this antique quilt that my aunt has had in her family for years and years and she gave it to us a few years back.

  Dirty Outside Bare feet: Save the Date!

My uncle's rescue horse, Dolly

Playing "Posey Rosey" with my sweet future flower girl.

More photo editing is in store, but I felt pretty good about them considering it was our first DIY!
Our little photo shoot extravaganza even spurred more interest in photography for both me and my fiance ( So much that he sold his electric guitar and invested in a "good" camera.... Whaaaaaaaaat??- as Aziz Ansari's "Randy" character would say)
And with all the excitement I'm back to school with a busy semester ahead, and start my hospital internship next week!
Big things are happening, thankful for my blessings! Let's just pray I make it through! ;)

Have a great weekend!