Friday, February 18, 2011

Blog Redirected

A Cheery Picture to Brighten your Day!

Yes folks, exciting news in my world. He engaged me.
On Thursday, January 20th to be exact. 
It was a fabulous weekend! Since my rock star bluegrass boyfriend fiance usually is not able to visit on weekends due to his heavy tour schedule it was a rare and special treat for him to still be here on a Thursday with plans to stay throughout the weekend. I'm not quite so sure that he knew for certain that this would be the weekend that he would propose, but he mustered up the courage to ask my parents when I left for class that day. He knew that he better ask them quickly because they were headed out the door for a weekend gambling excursion. They like those every so often. Anyway, as he sweated through the permission asking part of the proposal, he told my parents that he wasn't quite sure at what point during the weekend he would ask me. Meanwhile, I was being my diligent self at school (fairly sarcastic tone), trying to knock out all the work I needed to finish before the weekend started when I receive a text saying "when are you coming home?" with my reply being "sometime after 4:00" followed by an "it is almost 4:00." From the tone of the texts, I knew that meant "stop dragging tooshy around" and get my crap done. So I quickly gathered my unfinished belongings and headed home talking to him nearly the whole way home, about what- I can not remember. As I head through the door, I'm greeted by my darling boyfriend who usually always greets me with a hug. Thinking nothing of it, (other than wondering why he wouldn't let me get the rest of my body through the door to put my computer bag down) the boy steps back, busts out a ring box and gets on one knee! I definitely screamed for probably a minute straight, possibly damaging his inner ear hair cells. I did say "yes" followed by laughter and "ahhh, what do I do now?" 
Oh buddy, but I knew what to do. Four years and counting, I'd already had this wedding planned! I often disguised it by calling it "Party Planning." Oops! He even reminded me of the fact that I knew what to do. Needless to say we got on the phone to announce our good news. My parents did not expect a phone call to be merely a few hours after they left, but he explained that he just couldn't suffer through the nerves and the sweat the entire weekend. It was a good plan on his part, because we were able to celebrate all weekend.
Anywho, Blog Redirected:
Let the Party Planning begin!