Friday, June 24, 2011

Inspiration Board

Hey guys!

Man, I really am not good at blogging myself, but I have found myself reading tons of other blogs. There are blogs about everything! Who knew?! My new best friend is Google Reader! Some of my favorites are decor sites and of course wedding inspiration sites: my favorites being the projectwedding blog  and Green Wedding Shoes . Both have definitely given me some great ideas!

Currently nothing is set in stone in regards to our planning for next summer, as far as venues. Its just so far away that these big decisions are hard to make! But hey, a long engagement can be great for finding the most budget friendly options and DIY projects. We have looked at lots of places and churches and have gotten some good ideas of cost and locations.  I have had to come down to reality on a few things, and am coming around and trying hard to be more open minded for the big day! but WOW, can I just say, I now understand the stresses of making a guest list!

Here's an inspiration board of some of the things that I like. Kelly green is one of my favorite colors but I'm thinking that with 8 bridesmaids it might start to look like a St. Patty's parade... and although that would be fun, I don't plan on having green beer fountains or passing out beads. 

So, let me know what you think of having dos colores for the bridesmaids. 

( Not saying I'm sold on the blue with the green, its just a pic to test the waters! I am loving one strap dresses, and have for quite a while. I think they are flattering on all body types and I love the length of them!)

I don't think that my love is crazy about the idea of two or more colors, and I'm not totally sure about it either, However I think it is looking super cute in some of these pictures!

However, they all look like outdoor events, but don't you worry, with a wedding in August I will not be torturing my guests, neither young or old! Sooo.... what I'm saying is, do you think that something like this would look weird in a church? It's looking like the reception may be in a Country Club type setting. Is it a rule for different style bridesmaids dresses to be only for outdoor weddings??

           ( and should I even care about rules???)

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the pictures from the wedding above!!! It has a very vintage feel! I also hope to use these photographers : OLAS if at all possible for our day! They are fantastic!

I will say that I am leaning towards a classic feel but with some vintage touches! 

I am excited that there is a lot of vintage stuff going on in the wedding blog world, because it is super cost effective and I am finding that I am wanting to be a DIY bride and will be making a game out of it.  After all, its just ONE day! I've seen so many cool things that are super fun and budget friendly! 

What areas would you/ have you cut back on for your wedding planning?

In other news, I bought my dress. Just this week actually. It won't be in of course until September or October, but I feel good about my choice, and I will do my best NOT to look at other dresses!

When I nonchalantly told one of my best friends, that I bought it, she said " It's not like buying a pack of bubble gum!" So let me change my announcement: I BOUGHT MY DRESS!!!!!!!!!!

And in other news, I will be an auntie for the first time within the next week! It's been a busy summer   trying to get ready for this little guy as well as doing some wedding planning- our world is about to get turned upside down!! I can't wait for him to get here!

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