Monday, January 10, 2011

Its a snow day, of course I'll blog twice

I love Art.

As I mentioned in my post before last I wanted to get back in touch with my creative side. So, I thought I would check out some of my old paintings and pictures I did in high school and college. Now that I am living at home again, all I had to do was check out some of our hoarding closets to find them!

Pay no mind that some of them are straight up copied, I mean inspired from Van Gogh, National Geographic, Gustav Klimt, Ballard Designs Magazine and other random places. I mean if I can paint it and it look decent enough, why pay so much?!

 Here are some that I found:

Bluegrass Guitar (but really classical guitar on blue grass) Acrylic


King Tut, Amaryllis, Van Gogh/ Disney inspired Asian girl

Mixed Media Fruit

Mixed Media: Eye Ball and Dogwood leaves, and a Plant
Gustav Klimt version

Water Color Flowers

Acrylic: Inspired by Van Gogh and Ballard Designs

Inspired by The Alchemist

A little shout out to my bf: Just as I was telling him that I would probably not really blog too much, he tells me that he got me a present. Yes!!! I thought to myself. I loveeee presents! He's a great present giver, but can rarely keep a surprise. So he says, check your email. He bought me my very own domain. Yep. So I guess I have to blog now! Yep, and you'll have to read it ;) On that note, I'm pretty sure he only bought it since he bought himself one. It's called Procrastination Sucks! and guess what procrastination does suck, and he hasn't attempted a post yet. And on the bright side, I've posted twice in one day. No procrastination here. Hah!

So I have some new ideas for a couple of new paintings that I want to do so stay tuned. If I weren't stuck inside today would be a great day to go to Hobby Lobby and grab some canvas!

PS: If anyone knows how to get the ugly gray thing off of my blog, can ya let me know?! Thanks!

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  1. It's in your settings, from gray, change it to transparent, i can't remember much, it was like that.