Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Too Early for Another Post?

Nah. I gotta get this thing started some how! First day back to grad school was definitely not as brutal as I thought it would be. If you just walk in with no expectations and go with the flow, life is golden! It is an amazing feeling to start over with a great attitude, I love new beginnings! 

Speaking of new beginnings I might as well jump on the  
2011 resolution bandwagon. 
I normally like to call them goals, but I'll go with it for my blog's sake.

Here we go:

Floss More!! Let's face it, it's just something you gotta do yet so annoying and gross. I gotta admit though I'm all about prevention in every other area of my life so why not this one too? Flossing is apparently way better than brushing at least from what I remember learning in my Health Occupations class in high school.
Get back in touch with my creative side!! Start painting more and get some good projects going!  It's totally a great stress reliever and I'm hoping this blog will give me incentive to create things so I can share and get some feedback on.
Go to spin classes ever so often! I mean I don't want to over commit myself or anything, but I used to really love going to spin classes in college and in Nashville. I mean really, I pay fees for our on-campus fitness center and I never set foot in that place.

Get ripped arms! as in add some muscle with some tonage. 

Be more consistent- generally speaking.

Do daily devotions.... daily meaning consistently. 

# 1 resolution: NO, ZERO, NADA purchasing of clothing items or shoes for an entire school semester. Think I can do it?! Well now, you will be holding me accountable. Man, that's gonna be tough, considering that my town is a geographical oddity and the hippest place in town is TJ Maxx. But I really just do not need ANYTHING! The ONLY exception, I am possibly allowing myself to buy is an extra pair of scrubs for my clinical rotations. Since I only have one pair of the ONE color we are allowed to wear, and we all know scrubs can get nasty! 

Well, who said anything about not getting free things?! 
Remember my yesterday's post? Of course you do! Well, one of the blogs I stalk is The Adventures of Ordy and Joon,  Move over Kim Kardashian!! Joon's fashion sense is fabulous, she's like a Persian princess, haha,  and she is giving great things away! Check out her blog to find out how to enter to win!

Ordy and Joon

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  1. Pretty decent post! I like the honesty and the commitment!